Lisgar Woods Pharmacy in Mississauga prides itself on being the pharmacy that the local community knows and trusts. Our personalized care model means that each patient receives custom, targeted care to meet their individual needs. We are an independently owned and operated pharmacy specializing in compounding where excellent customer service and positive health outcomes are our priority. We strive to provide a pharmacy experience that cannot be matched at your local chain drug store.

Our Mission:

To improve the health and wellbeing of our community by providing our customers with the best services, products and counselling to meet their individual needs.

Our Vision:

That health-conscious Canadians are empowered to make better health choices, allowing them to live happier lives.

Our Values:

Commitment to Care
Your wellbeing is our success! Our commitment to patient care is a driving force for all our associates and staff members- we value your wellbeing.

Community Involvement
We’re keeping the community in Community Pharmacy. As a neighbour we want to be more than just your drug store, we want to be active in improving our community.

Accountability and Integrity
They go hand in hand. Our promise is to approach each day with an outstanding focus on accountability and integrity.

It’s what makes our communities beautiful. By embracing diversity we ensure respect and dignity as basic standards for all of our customers.

Your health is yours! At Lisgar Woods Pharmacy we uphold the highest standards of patient confidentiality to ensure your privacy is always protected.